Lakeview, MI 48850, USA

About us...


Greetings! I am the Jen part of VellasTreasures.

We are a family owned micro soap and candle business located in the picturesque Village of Lakeview, Michigan.

We are inspired by our love of  fantasy, history, nature and literature. 

I have been an avid candle lover my entire life. I cringe to think of the number of candle jars that I have tossed into the landfill throughout the years. When I choose candle vessels one of my main concerns is if they are worth repurposing. The great thing about soy wax is that it is made from soybeans grown in the United States. It is both biodegadable and sustainable. Any remaining wax left in the candle vessel after the candle has been used up is easily removed using hot soapy water makeing repurposing nearly effortless. VellasTreasures offers a candle refill option to our local customers. It is a small step in reducing waste and a great way to save our customers money. 

Because we love our community we source locally when possible and donate to local charities.


VellasTreasures are available locally at The Peddlers Patch in Lakeview, Michigan and Legacy Hearth Artisan Market in Vestaburg, Michigan.

Visit our Etsy shop or email Jen to order online.

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